Leftists Call Trump "Criminal Co-Conspirator"

In a group letter to Sen. Schumer calling for opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination, the leaders of the radical Left called President Trump a "criminal co-conspirator" and Brett Kavanaugh "an extremist who will help institutionalize Trump's hate."

The letter lays out the Left's strategy for defeating Kavanaugh, down to the specific Senate targets, with the main emphasis on President Trump.


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Intentional Plan To Disrupt Hearing

It is becoming more and more clear that an intentional plan is under way to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearing.

From USA Today:

Rachel O'Leary Carmona, chief operating officer of the Women's March, confirmed that her group had coordinated a plan to disrupt the hearings. That included offering lodging to traveling protestors and "jail and bail support," if necessary.

This is in addition to reports of direct pay to protestors.


Update: 70 Arrested For Obstructing Hearing

The update is that 70 were arrested during yesterday's Day One of the Kavanaugh hearings!

Also, reports indicate that the protestors were paid (no surprise).

Video here:


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Kavanaugh opening statement

Worth watching:

Read full transcript here

Key highlights:

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Dems Plot Obstruction

NBC news is reporting that Democrats plotted their obstruction strategy prior to the hearings. This from NBC's Kassie Hunt:


Kavanaugh by the numbers

Judge Brett Kavanaugh by the Numbers

·       12: The number of years Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh has served as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.  Also the number of years he has taught law at Yale, Harvard, and Georgetown.

·       307: The number of opinions that Judge Kavanaugh has authored.

·       480,000+: The number of pages of documents the Senate Judiciary Committee has received—more than twice the number the Committee has received for any previous Supreme Court nominee.

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Hillary: Kavanaugh "Devastating"

If anyone was looking for a good reason to support the Kavanaugh nomination, Hillary just called Kavanaugh "devastating." Works for us!

Real plan to defeat Kavanaugh finally exposed

This is what we expected all along...

The initial DELAY tactic was just a delay for the real strategy being employed to defeat President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

They would delay until they could build a case that President Trump should not even be allowed to nominate someone to the Supreme Court. Listen to what Sen. Schumer just said form the Senate floor...

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Impeachment Alert

Democrats are coming unhinged again. They're screaming for President Trump's impeachment after two former associates pleaded guilty and were found guilty of crimes unearthed by former FBI director Robert Mueller's ongoing "witch hunt." Now, some Democrats are claiming that this week's legal decisions are cause to delay next month's confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the President's Supreme Court nominee.

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Did Kavanaugh Cave On Abortion With "Settled Law" Comment?

Supreme Court nominee created a bit of a buzz this week when it was reported that he told Sen. Susan Collins that Roe v. Wade is "settled law." Immediately, the political buzz began as to whether Kavanaugh could be trusted on the issue.

But his use of the "settled law" phrase was actually not breaking news, nor a victory for the abortion Left.


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