BIG LEFT Funds Multi-Million-Dollar Attack Against Kavanaugh

With the FBI set to finalize its seventh probe of Judge Kavanaugh, the Radical Left, Big Money activist groups are pulling out all the stops to defeat the nomination.

Yesterday, the ACLU announced a new $1 MILLION ad buy attacking Kavanaugh and comparing him to Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and other discredited sexual predators. The ACLU is targeting key swing Senators who will decide whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or rejected THIS WEEK. (Watch the ad here.)

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has launched an equally despicable anti-Kavanaugh ad, along with a massive grassroots effort to defeat the nomination.

+ + Soros Money Funding Protests

Plus, yesterday FOXNews confirmed Grassfire's earlier report that George Soros money is behind the radical, anti-Kavanaugh protests. In fact, the much-publicized (and likely staged) elevator confrontation with Sen. Jeff Flake, along with yesterday's chase-down of Sen. McConnell at the airport, were spearheaded by leaders of a far-Left group that has received over $2 MILLION from Soros' Open Society Foundation.

+ + Vote likely within 72 hours. Urgent Action...

Grassfire has identified FIVE KEY SWING VOTE SENATORS whose votes could decide the outcome of this confirmation battle. We just added all five to our CONFIRM KAVANAUGH FaxFire that also reaches your <#state_long#> Senators.

With the full Senate vote scheduled for this week, it is critical that grassroots Americans take action TODAY. If you are outraged by these attacks against Judge Kavanaugh that are being funded by the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, George Soros and others, then go here now to fax your "Confirm Kavanaugh" message to your <#state_long#> senators and other key senators now.

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  • Richard Arnone
    commented 2018-10-05 16:50:45 -0400
    What they want is #1, to divide Americans farther and farther apart, #2, to further demonize each side in the eyes of the other, #3, to increasingly radicalize more and more of the left until they can get blood flowing in the streets. This is not about Kavanaugh, but is an all out effort by the Left to cause so much internal turmoil that the Trump successes, both domestic and foreign are neutralized and de-railed.