FAX the Senate and reject this outrageous witch hunt!



While Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination has left committee and will proceed to the floor of the Senate for a full vote, Democrats are still trying to delay. They've spent the past two weeks trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh's reputation with vague, baseless and uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault. The Left remains fully committed to their goal of defeating this nomination, damaging Republicans in the mid-term elections, and derailing President Trump's "Make America Great Again" agenda.

With the full Senate vote pending, it's critical that grassroots patriots continue fighting for the Kavanaugh nomination!

Grassfire has set up this FaxFire to deliver your "CONFIRM KAVANAUGH" faxes directly to your two Senators and key leaders in the Senate -- including the FIVE KEY SENATORS who could decide whether Kavanaugh is confirmed -- Flake, Murkowski, Collins, Heitcamp and Manchin. Please select your target below to schedule your faxes! (Go here to see a list of targets.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We updated the sample letters to specifically address these latest, dirty-trick attacks. Also, this FaxFire reaches the FIVE KEY SENATORS who could decide this issue. If possible, please choose BIGGER IMPACT so your fax message reaches every GOP Senator and tell them to vote "Yes" on Kavanaugh!

(Note: Once you select your targets, you will then choose what your fax message will say before you finalize your order.)

Fax Senate GOP Leaders, your two Senators, PLUS the FIVE KEY SENATORS (up to 14 faxes)
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