Congratulations! You did it! By taking a stand, you helped counter one of the most dispicable and destructive political attack campaigns in our nation's history.

When the final Senate votes were counted on Saturday, I hope you stood a bit taller. I hope you found hope in the fact that we CAN counter the deluge that is coming from the radical Left and their partners in the media... and that your voice matters!

Grassfire team members were among the most active and engaged of all conservative networks in the Kavanaugh battle. We estimate that our team members made over 200,000 citizen contacts in the form of petitions, faxes and phone calls to members of Congress on the Kavanaugh nomination! You also used the tools of social media to reach countless thousands more. So take a bow!

+ + The fight is far from over (they're literally clawing at the Supreme Court doors)

Of course, the real battle behind the vicious assaut on Justice Kavanaugh is far from over. In many ways, it's just now ramping up. And we expect the Soros-funded activist groups will only increase their efforts, especially leading up to next month's elections.

For example, in a sad demonstration of where we are right now, activists were literally clawing at the doors to the Supreme Court and shouting "shut it down" in protest of Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Already, these activists have turned their attention to the election and we expect the same bullying tactics to be employed, along with the liberal media's push to create an expectation of a "blue wave." Grassfire is gearing up for an even more bold and important response over the next 29 days. We will be sharing details soon.

For today, congrats on a job well done!

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